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Tarfoot is a full-service brand development firm based in Santa Barbara, California, with a passion to take your businesses to its next level of growth.

We accomplish that through exploration of your brand’s potential — then deliver insight, clarity, and the tools to distinguish your brand as “better and different” than your competitors with:


A Branding Project for a Santa Barbara client - Brighten Solar

Developing a strong brand for your business is imperative, as it is what lives in the minds of your customers as they compare you to your competitors.

As brand strategists, we identify your target customer, define your brand essence, brand promise, and brand personality, delivering clarity and confidence in your strategic and creative decisions, impacting your business success.


Website Design Project - Young Construction

Once your brand identity has been defined, we go to work creating powerful imagery which reinforces your business as highly relevant, with it’s own unique value proposition.

The resulting emotional benefit is delivered through great design which percolates through all of your business touch points: web, print, social media, and digital marketing efforts.


We work with Vin65, WordPress, SugarCRM, and ZohoCRM

Integration of your brand and design efforts needs to be managed. Our team can support you in that pursuit.

We’re Santa Barbara’s only Gold Certified Design and Development Team for Vin65 — the leading platform for e-commerce, point of sales (POS), and wine club management for wineries.

We also support SugarCRM and ZOHO CRM platforms for small to medium-sized businesses.


Tasting Room Design Project - Summerland Winery

Illuminating your space in relation to your brand creates the ultimate impression.

Let Tarfoot help you navigate your interior design space for your new business or makeover so the atmosphere created delivers lasting memories for your customers when they visit.

This is your opportunity to distinguish your business as truly better and different than your competition.

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