Creating an Environment for Exploration

The Studio 7 Architecture & Allied Arts Website Home - Simple, clean, and stunning!

Britt Jewett at Studio 7 is one of Santa Barbara’s premier architects and allied design artists. He has a long history of work both on the central coast and across the nation that should be appreciated in person whenever possible.

Britt’s vision was to create an evironment of exploration for his website visitors. He wanted people to have fun on the site while they browsed his extensive portfolio. One of our guiding principles in designing this website was, “Less is more.”

The Studio 7 Architecture & Allied Arts Website Home - Simple, clean, and stunning!

Website visitors are greeted with a gallery of 28 gorgeous photos of his work and only a few words. His work speaks for itself and cluttering the experience with too much text would only detract from the experience. For that reason, most of the pages on the site have very little text. We wanted his work to be the focus so we chose a dark background to really allow the photos of his work to stand out.

As we do with every website design project, we started by chatting with Britt to understand his vision and his work. We collaborated over sketchbooks to align our design concepts with what he had in his mind. From there, the sketches were translated into digital wireframes and mockups. Once wireframes were tweaked and approved, we began development of the new Studio 7 website.

We checked in with Britt and his team often to be sure that we were on schedule and that his vision was translating properly into the website.

It was our pleasure to work with the Studio 7 team and to create an experience for prospective and existing clients.