Almond Brothers

Client Story

Since 1997, Almond Brothers has been roasting fabulously tasty, and deliciously healthy nuts in their kitchen in Phoenix Arizona. Through the years they’ve been growing an organic supply chain primarily through retail and wholesale channels.

They asked us to help take them where they wanted to go next which was through direct to consumer sales and an expanded footprint in the retail marketplace.

How We Helped

First we looked deeply into their brand message and their position in the specialty food category. From there, we revised their messaging, branding, and packaging and created a new ecommerce website and social media channels to support the brand and their deliciously healthy snacks!

We did that in the photography studio with more than 1,000 sq. ft. of tabletops with fabrics, containers, and visual elements to choose from for styling images. We then created a new line of cone shaped bags, and cardboard tray containers for a unique retail and online visual presence and took more photographs. Once we had all the new content available we went to work creating a compelling ecommerce website that offers all their products online direct to consumers.

Today we continue to support Almond Brothers Nuts in all their packaging, marketing collateral, and through their multiple sales channels. If you haven’t tried them yet, make sure to order a tasty collection of their fresh roasted nuts today!

Services We Provided

  • Brand Development
  • E-commerce / POS Integration
  • Package Design
  • Print Design
  • Product Photography
  • Website Design
  • Wordpress Website Development