Best Dressed Monk

Client Story

Allen and Kira Gold and the Best Dressed Monk team have created a collection of men’s apparel that is elegantly casual from premium textiles like Silk, Tencel, and Khadi cotton. Their clothing harkens back to timeless, classic designs from masters such as Issey Miyake yet updated and styled for today’s modern, and mindful man.

Their previous site was built on the Joomla platform which lacked on-the-page optimization, proper keywording, incomplete or missing meta, and offered a sub-standard checkout process leaving visitors unsatisfied and unable to purchase Best Dressed Monk’s beautiful clothing.

Words of Praise

Allen Gold, CEO, Best Dressed Monk

Bradley and his team understand how to build relationships. As clients we really feel he cares about us and our goals. Its not just business as usual.
Technically he is as capable as anyone out there but he thinks outside the box and is not stuck in a particular mindset or platform.
As an online marketer he really understands the medium and how to make it dance for his clients.
I give him the high 5, 10 out of 10. He’s our man in the digital universe! He is a real person as well; just saying

— Allen Gold, CEO, Best Dressed Monk

How We Helped

Tarfoot was able to take the daunting task of keeping in-store inventory synchronized with their website inventory and simplify it so the Best Dressed Monk team can focus on creating fantastic clothing designs and running their retail operation instead of worrying about their online store.

We worked closely with Allen, Kira, and key members of the team to integrate their LightSpeed Point of Sale system with a new Shopify site. This enables their online orders to be fulfilled through LightSpeed by their retail store team members. Inventory in their online store is automatically reduced when there is an online order so store inventory and website inventory are always synchronized.

It’s easy for the Best Dressed Monk team to make changes to their e-commerce website through the Shopify Content Management System (CMS). We worked closely with Rick Davies at Tricky 3 Web Mangling to construct this beautiful Shopify site for Best Dressed Monk.

Services We Provided

  • Brand Development
  • E-commerce / POS Integration
  • Shopify Website Development
  • Website Design