Kapu Swimwear

Client Story

Kapu Swimwear is a Hawaiian bikini and swimwear company that required brand positioning consulting, a new identity, and a new e-commerce website that would allow them to sell their itty-bitty bikinis online.

How We Helped

The Website

The new Kapu e-commerce site offers over 150 variations of tops & bottoms across 3 different styles and affords multiple shipping options as well as in-store pickup at their Waikoloa, HI, location.

The site is directly linked to Kapu’s social media services and CRM which allows for immediate publication to various social media upon publishing articles and products on the web site. This is crucial for the Kapu team as they would rather focus their time on creating fun, sexy, and quality swimwear designs rather than posting the same article across all of their social media outlets. The connection to CRM ensures that everyone who purchases bikinis or completes a contact form has the opportunity to be added to an update list for specials, news, and updates.

Launch Page

How do you make a splash with a new swimwear line? Open a launch page that’s provocative, alluring, and a little taboo. Especially when the swimwear is made by a company called Kapu. After all, “Kapu” is Hawaiian for Taboo! Kapu suits are some of the cutest Hawaiian Bikinis you’ve ever dared laid eyes on. Having this launch page up while the full site was in development was critical to building traffic and audience.

We wanted the launch page to convey the sexiness of the brand, to show the variety of bikini cuts and colors, and encourage signups for the updates and specials.

In addition to the launch page, we also created a Brand Positioning Overview for Kapu to help guide all future marketing and design efforts.

Kapu’s suits were just featured on the cover of the Fall 2013 issue of Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine. You’ll see more from this cheeky swimwear maker very shortly! In the meantime, do you dare to visit their launch page and sign up to be a Kapu Insider and receive updates about the cutest suits before they’re released to the public.

Brand Positioning & Identity

It’s time to launch a brand! Kapu Swimwear is an upcoming brand based on the Big Island in Hawaii and making itty-bitty bikinis that provide minimal coverage and maximum sex appeal.

We created a strategic brand/product marketing overview to help direct all future marketing efforts. This included creation of a new logo that appeals to the target demographic — women between the ages of 16-35. This overview included a brand positioning statement, a suggested color palette, core motivation, description, and key attitude/behavior. It also included brand identity, brand promise, brand expression and key brand goals.

Services We Provided

  • Brand Development
  • Website Design
  • Wordpress Website Development