Part Time Golf

Client Story

Part Time Golf is an online community for non-professional golfers where users can find and rate golf courses, engage with other members, and find other golfers by location, level of play, play frequency, and a number of other criteria.

The site also sells a few branded apparel items such as golf shirts, hats, and bag tags.

How We Helped started its life as iPartTimeGolf and was mostly focused at apparel sales. There was a community but it wasn’t active and there was no paid membership system in place. What was needed was not only a refocus and a design refresh but a new technology infrastructure for the community.

The site employs BuddyPress—a feature-rich community management platform for WordPress—in combination with several other key plugins that allow for geo-location, paid membership structure, and enhanced user location via map and several key x-profile fields. The site also offers product and memberships via an e-commerce system called WooCommerce.

Services We Provided

  • Website Design
  • Wordpress Website Development