Summerland Winery

Client Story

Summerland Winery was perfectly positioned to update and freshen their brand. They had just experienced a fire at their tasting room and we helped them rise from the ashes with a new tasting room design, and redesigned marketing materials, including a new website built on both WordPress & Vin65, new winery brochure, new club brochure, and a new label direction.

Words of Praise

Jordie Ricigliano, Marketing & Tasting Room Manager, Summerland Winery

Thank you for all the support, effort, and creativity throughout this process. The Tarfoot team has been a phenomenal asset to our marketing at Summerland Winery!

— Jordie Ricigliano, Marketing & Tasting Room Manager, Summerland Winery

How We Helped

Summerland Winery owner, Bilo Zarif, hired Tarfoot to do a comprehensive Brand Value Proposition study. The work included customer, staff, and owner interviews along with a comprehensive study of the competition. The goal was to create an “idea of value” that positioned Summerland Winery in the minds of its customers that simply was not available from the alternatives.

We discovered that Summerland’s customers valued a sense of adventure through vineyard tours, and a sense of place in the tasting room.

From our research, Tarfoot delivered a comprehensive Brand Messaging document which provided the framework for all communications of the brand experience from logo, labels, website, print collateral and the tasting room environment.

To keep costs down, the new website allows for easy updates from tasting room staff and features a page where patrons can upload their dog’s profile and photo directly to adding to the sense of community of Summerland Wineries members and guests. In addition, the Vin65 CRM/POS platform, created exclusively for wineries, offers a seamless online shopping experience, efficient club fulfillment by staff and an easy checkout at the tasting room counter.

Services We Provided

  • Brand Development
  • E-commerce / POS Integration
  • Interior Design & Branding
  • Print Design
  • Vin65 Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Wordpress Website Development